• sleeping patches

    Slept badly?


    • 10 natural ingredients
    • High bioavailibility
    • Non addictive
    • Slow Release in 8 hours

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  • Lucy Peters

    I was a little sceptic, but I just wanted to try them and they help very well! Nice surprise ;)

  • Marc Antonio

    These sleep patches really work! I recommend everyone to just give them a try.

  • Jack Krauter

    YES! They help absolutly! I got some patches from a friend and very pleased with them.

  • Maria Huberts

    What a blessing that I found these patches on the internet. I use them not every night anymore, but only when I feel a little unrested. Thnx!

  • Juan Carlos

    With me, they worked right from the first night. I had not slept well for a long time and woke up rested.

  • Theresa van Weel

    I bought them for my mother, because she sleeps very badly. After 3 patches she is sleeping like a baby! Thank you!

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